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Introduction to Jinggong

分分28 was established in 2001 (formerly founded in 1961). It is a modern clothing enterprise group that integrates clothing design, research and development, production, sales, quality inspection and other functions into one, domestic and foreign trade, and has strong comprehensive strength. The registered capital of the company is 51 million yuan, the total assets are 242 million yuan, and the annual sales income is 360 million yuan. In 2009, the company passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 and other authoritative certifications; in 2010, the company was awarded the title of “Credit Rating AAA Credit Enterprise” by the China Textile Industry Association; in 2014, the company won the “China Textile and Apparel Brand-name Cultural Heritage Award”.
The company now owns four wholly-owned subsidiaries of Beijing Jinggong Garment Import Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinggong Raymond Apparel Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinggong Yililan Garment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jinggong Science & Trade Co., Ltd. It has an advanced technical training school, a clothing quality supervision and inspection station and other authoritative institutions, with a total of 3,449 employees.
In recent years, through the optimization and reorganization of resources, the company has focused on creating three major sectors of the main business with the core of “customizing in domestic brands, building comprehensive trading companies, and developing urban service industries”. The company has well-known clothing brands such as “Raymond”, “Iriland”, “Maple Leaf” and “Good Student” that are trusted by consumers. Among them, the "Raymond" brand used to be the designated clothing brand of Chinese foreigners and overseas teams, and used to produce national dresses and daily clothes for the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries; "Iriland" down jackets have also been tested by the cold, accompanied by The Chinese, Japanese and Nepalese international expedition team crossed the Everest and went to the Antarctic.
After nearly half a century of forging ahead, the Jinggong Group has been striving for a change in the wind and rain, and has created a corporate culture of “hard work, self-improvement, selfless dedication” and the spirit of “unity, innovation, development and development”. In the future, the group company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, relying on technological innovation to create a more brilliant future. In order to further build the capital fashion industry, we will make unremitting efforts to build a better Beijing fashion capital.